Thursday, September 09, 2004

School again

well, the school year has officially started once more. Truth be told I hate to be back, as fun as it is to see everyone. Due respect to all, but I am getting royally sick of hearing congratulations everywhere I turn. Yes people, I'm engaged. Get over it and move on. The worst part is knowing without a doubt that my name will come up in numerous gossip sessions on who's all gone and gotten engaged over the summer. There are times when the Redeemer grapevine gets rather annoying. And then of course there's classes. I've been blessed/cursed with a wide variety of courses ranging from easy core Bio 121 classes to stupidly impossible yet also core requirement philosophy classes, and then stuff for my major and minors mixed in between. Can you sense the excitement in the room? I only pray this year goes quickly...

Quick update on Tim: he's recovering rapidly and slowly easing back into work...and by slowly I really don't mean slowly...this is Tim we're talking about here.