Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Of spring cleaning and fixing up basements

I've been thinking for a while now that it was about time for me to write another post.  I can't say that I've felt particularly inspired by anything that makes me overflow with words, but since that last time I said anything was just before Christmas, and it's now the middle of April, it's high time for an update.

Nathan is almost 10 months old.  Eek!  When did that happen?  He eats solids like a champ, has three almost four teeth, sits up amazingly on his own, and loves his Jolly Jumper.  He is nowhere near sleeping through the night yet, but I have, for the most part, accepted that it is my current lot in life to live in a sleep-deprived haze, and so have managed, again for the most part, to move through the phase of post-partum depression I wrote about last fall.  There are still good days and bad days, as will always be when parenting small children, but the bad days are not quite so miserable, and I'm able to enjoy the good days with a bit more energy.

Speaking of energy, I'm actually motivated enough this year to do some spring cleaning.  And when I say "some", I actually mean I made a plan to systematically go through each room of the house and clean absolutely everything.  Even the walls and ceilings.  Even going through the closets and organizing them.  I just might even find a day to steam clean the carpet in the living room.  I got some spectacular new cleaning products that have encouraged me in my motivation to clean, and I think it is making all the difference.  :)

Also, we got the work done in the basement we were planning.  Well, we didn't do the carpet yet because carpeting is expensive.  But we did get a wall put up on the side of the stairway that was open to the furnace, and we put in some new light fixtures to brighten it up so the kids will be more comfortable going down there.  We also cleaned out all the junk in the room down there and painted it a darkish blue that goes well with the white trim.  Most of the toys have been moved downstairs, as well as the carpet from the toy room until we can install carpeting.  We also had an old TV and VCR that we hooked up for the kids to watch videos if they want occasionally.  Tim just needs to finish putting in the subfloor at the bottom of the stairs and putting up the drywall on the furnace room side of the wall, but the space is now usable for the kids as a playroom, albeit a bit on the cold side.  I'm sure they'll be thankful for that when the weather gets hot in the summer.

Anyway, I'd say more by way of update, but all three kids are up, and Nathan's fourth tooth-yet-to-come is making him miserable.  It's also a school day, and we now have about an hour to get Reuben out the door onto the bus.  So I hope you've enjoyed the update, and I'll try to find some inspiration for posts a little more frequently.  Maybe you'll get some gardening or food posts...