Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Migrating Butterflies...

Well, I was doing my daily blog check, and I finally clued in that it's been about a month since I've last posted, and maybe I should do something about that. Add that to a really cool experience I had today at work and we have an update.

So I was walking down along the water in Spencer Smith Park in Burlington where I walk every day during my lunch break. And as I was walking I noticed a monarch butterfly flying next to me. I thought, "hey cool, a butterfly", and kept walking. Then I noticed another butterfly going in the same direction, and again I thought, "hey cool, a butterfly". I kept walking some more. I saw another butterfly, and another butterfly, and another butterfly, and suddenly, I realized I couldn't count the butterflies I was seeing any more, because there were dozens and dozens of them all flying in the same direction. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen, and I just felt this inexpressible joy to be walking there this day, with the weather so beautiful, the lake so blue, the sun shining so brightly, and all these butterflies flying around me. I felt God so close in that moment, closer than I have felt Him in a very long time.

The fun part was walking back to work against the flow of butterflies, and ducking frequently as they flew at my head.

In other news, we think we may have found a new apartment to move to. The landlord said he would get back to us sometime this week, and I know for a fact he was calling our references today because my manager checked with me about it at work. It's in a house in downtown Hamilton on Duke Street, right down the road from where Jon recently moved actually. It's a main floor apartment, one bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, backyard with a bbq we get to use, and an unfinished basement we get for storage and maybe a couch if we feel like it. Painting will be required given that the previous tenants had a strange penchant for bright neon green and a lovely shade of lilac. Here's hoping we get that call this week...

Tim is now working full time in the rentals department at Long & McQuade in Burlington and we both like it a lot. I especially like having him at home at night, and I know likes working with sound stuff again.

anyhow, I think I will move on...it may be a while until I post again given that I need to pack my house in the next month. Until then, peace my friends.