Monday, August 22, 2005

Plugging Along

As I type I am once more at work. I warned you that posts would be sporadic due to lack of internet access. It seems that I've been working a great deal lately. Four shifts over the weekend and I'm picking up more during the week over the next while as one of the full-time staff is out with an injury. I've decided that I strongly dislike working on the weekends and sincerely hope that I can find a different job for during the weeks. It's a terrible dilemma because I love my job, but hate the hours. I've also received a stern lecture from both my husband and his best friend stating that I am most certainly not allowed to quit my weekend job for any other job that doesn't use my Redeemer education...leaving me with a significantly diminished list of options. The Lord will provide...and I must cling to that bit of hope.

I'm reminded also of how much I absolutely hate living on my own. Not only do I miss my husband dreadfully when he's gone on the road, (he's a truck driver for all who are unaware), but I find myself very creeped out in our apartment when I'm all alone at night. Daytime, no problem. Night-time when it's dark and there are funny noises coming from the apartments above and around us, I get spooked easily. I admit, I'm a baby. So sue me. Working during the week helps, but it doesn't happen often enough in my opinion.

Anyway, I can't honestly say there is a whole lot new happening, besides the standard car troubles. We won't go there. I see a new used car in the near future...