Monday, September 23, 2013

Counting Gifts: Week.....???

So clearly, I have not been very disciplined in my posting about counting 1000 gifts.  I confess I have been equally undisciplined in actually counting the gifts and doing the daily readings in the journal to go along with.  I've let fatigue be my excuse to let myself get ho-hum about going through life.

I need to stop making excuses.

So I'm renewing my commitment to the goal to count 1000 ways God shows His grace to me, 1000 little ways and big ways throughout my day that He sends me His love, gifts that are brand-new and gifts that have been here the whole time but are new every morning.  I'm praying He opens my eyes to see them and that I can keep up the momentum to do this each and every day.

...and I think I had more to say, but I got interrupted by waking up children, and now it's time to get the morning before-school routine going.  Here we go, counting gifts along the way...

Saturday, September 14, 2013


The sky is clear, and it looks like it should be a beautiful day today.  But I know the truth - it's cold.  I had to add an extra blanket to my bed last night, and no, I didn't have the window open.  I am not like all the people out there who love Fall.  I hate to be cold.

Motivation is hard to come by lately, as evidenced by my lack of posting.  I'm still working on finding a good routine with the kids in school, and while I'm enjoying the quieter days, I've never handled change well.  It's funny how as much as sometimes we long for change and get excited by it, the reality of adjustment is often harder than we want it to be.

Counting 1000 gifts is going slower than I expected.  I'm really just not good at remembering to think about looking for graces God gives me throughout the day.  I thought it would help to leave the journal out where I can see it, but I've become too good at ignoring where it sits by the microwave.  This is something I need to work on, and I have a sneaky suspicion if I can figure out how to get this habit going better, it might help out with that whole lack of motivation thing.

Nathan keeps me on my toes.  He's a climber in a way that the other kids never were.  He's gone from climbing on kitchen chairs, to climbing from there to the table, to getting stuck on the chairs when he climbs on them when they're pushed under the table, to figuring out how to pull the chairs out so now he can climb up whenever he wants, and he climbs up on the office desk, and he climbs on the table in the living room that we've been using to block his access to the entertainment unit, so now he has access to the DVDs and everything else on the upper shelves of that piece of furniture -- I throw my hands up in frustration!  And I am really not looking forward to when he figures out how to climb up on the couches...although he might not get into quite as much trouble up there...

Anyway, that's all of that.  I'm still here, still plugging along, and one of these days I'll get more motivated to post more frequently...

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Changes and trusting

My little girl got on the bus yesterday for her first day of school.  I thought sending the first one off was supposed to be the emotional experience, but I feel like this year's been harder than last.  Don't get me wrong - I have to be completely honest and say that part of me has been really looking forward to the kids going to school.  I'm getting really tired of them always complaining that they're bored.

But then it hits me how much of a change this is.  How I'm going from three kids home all the time down to just one.  How I'm not going to be as much of an influence in my kids' lives anymore - especially Reuben going every day to grade 1 now.  How I have to learn to trust God more than ever as I let these pieces of my heart walk out that door into the wide unknown - a wide unknown that has such potential to cause great hurt.

It's hard not to worry about what might happen to them when I'm not there to make sure they'll be safe.  I have to put them in His hands and rest knowing that He'll carry them through the joys and the hurts.  All part of this thing called "parenting"...

(Side note: I had more thoughts, but my brains has suddenly shut off and the children are getting restless ie. Nathan wants breakfast, so that's it for now...)