Monday, June 06, 2005

The rumor mill spins round and round...

It is with much pain and a heavy heart that I continue what could well end up a series of blog entries concerning the issue of rumors and gossip. I must admit that previously the problem of gossip wasn't one with which I was much concerned. Truthfully, I admit that I have on occasion engaged in idle chatter about people and their problems without thinking that I should be minding my own business.

Who would have thought it would take being the one gossiped about to change my ways?

It turns out lies are now being spread about me as well as the person I spoke of in my last post. To anyone who knows me, these rumors are ridiculous and laughable. To anyone who doesn't, what's to say they're not true? My heart aches deep within me that this should happen. I feel this incredible weight on my shoulders knowing that our reputations are being tarnished in this way.

Why now, four weeks before the wedding? Isn't life stressful enough without this?