Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday's spent doing...

Ironically, I'm sitting in the same place typing this post as I did my last: a warehouse in St. Catharine's, namely Northland Floral where my husband Tim works, and where he and his friend Jon are now working on fixing the lights on the tractor trailer he drives. I've lost track of how many Saturdays I've spent in this warehouse now trying to find something to do while they work/drink beer. The two go hand in hand. Last time I updated my blog and searched the Internet for point-click flash games to play...I found some good ones too. So far this time I've been cleaning out the cab for Tim, and now I'm updating my blog again. The alternative is spending the afternoon at our apartment doing laundry and cleaning...this works I guess.

Not much for news I suppose. I'm applying for a permanant position at work, the next in a long slew of positions that have opened up as one by one people with more seniority move up the line and I end up with whichever happens to be the job open at the end. I hope this one will finally be the last. We'll have to see; close date next Friday.

Our kitten is now a young cat, just about to hit puberty. We've got an appointment with the vet in two weeks to fix her before she decides to go into heat and make lots of noise about it. She is also to get her claws removed at the same time, for which our furniture will be thankful. Our new couches are starting to become somewhat shredded...not so good. (If anyone thinks declawing is cruel, spend some time around our cat, who will claw you...and maybe take a shot at clipping her nails sometime...good luck, you will need it.)

I have determined, just now, that I can't throw. If you need an example of someone who throws like a girl, I am it. I have no aim, and no distance. Very pathetic. I determined this when Jon asked me to throw a bag of silicone up to him on top of the trailer. The attempt was unsuccessful, and I ended up having to climb the ladder to bring it to him, something I hate doing due to my fear of heights. I'm feeling very girly and wuss-ish right now.

Anyhow, feelings of inadequacy aside, I'm actually having an okay day, mood wise, which is a nice change from the usual. It's hard to explain how graduating from college, getting married, changing jobs several times, moving, keeping house etc etc really start to mess with your head and your identity. The past few months have left me feeling somewhat disoriented in terms of who I am and "being me". Today has been one of the few days that I feel for once at home in my skin, and it's a rather pleasant feeling.

All that aside, I think I'll head off for now. Do some catching up on blog-reading, maybe find some more games to play. Till later...