Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Married Life

Apologies for the long absence from posting. I can truthfully say much has been happening in my life to prevent me from blogging, and so I will update you, hopefully as non-verbosely as possible...(if that's a word...)

I am now officially married, and while I am changing my name and therefore technically should be forever now known as Marleah Wiersma (that's wierd to type), I have not yet actually gone through the formal process of having my ID's changed. What a hastle if you ask me. So eventually it will get done and then I will officially have a new name, instead of just technically.

The wedding itself went quite well. The weather was beautiful, there were no major catastrophes that I know of, except that I couldn't breathe very well in my dress. A word of advice to all future brides, when you go for your fittings, make sure you take a deep breath in when they take in the sides. If you don't, the dress will fit great as long as you're not breathing, but when you do try to breathe...I wish you luck.

I do not have pictures yet that I can post, and when I do, I doubt I will because that seems to take more time then I usually have when I've got access to the internet. At this very moment I am updating you from work as we do not have internet capabilities in our new apartment. We also don't have air conditioning, which makes for a rather long summer given the heat and humidity we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks. I have learned never to take air conditioning for granted shouldn't either.

Other than that, I can't think of what I should say. My new husband is gone fairly often overnight as he is a truck driver and unfortunately drives quite some distances from home. My friends, I may call randomly some evenings in desperation for you'll know why.

I should get going before this gets overly long. Hopefully I won't be too long before updating again...hopefully...