Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[untitled because I couldn't think of something creative]

Well, I'm done my transcription work for the evening and Tim is up taking a shower, so I thought I'd take this time to put in a quick post. It could probably be considered a small miracle that I'm actually posting within three months of the last time I posted.

I actually got around to writing in my paper journal today for the first time in months. It's a little easier to write in there than it is to update an online journal because Reuben doesn't mind me doing that as much as being on the computer. I may find that I'm able to keep track of the kids growing up in there more than on here. Sorry for your loss.

Life continues to move along. Kaylee has been smiling at us more and more and makes the most adorable cooing sounds along with it. She particularly enjoys it when we talk to her. I have her on a great routine, eat, awake, sleep, then repeat. For anyone out there planning to have kids, I recommend the book "The Baby Whisperer". Yes, it sounds somewhat flaky, but the EASY routine really works quite well. I used it with Reuben, and I started Kaylee on it quite early on, and she has settled into it nicely. The last two nights she's been sleeping from about 8ish to 3 or 4, and I'm hoping that we can make this a habit. I know it's wierd to appreciate the 4am feeding, but when that's the only one, life is much better than when she's up every 3 to 4 hours.

Reuben is also growing quickly. He's saying more and more words every day. Last week he learned "no". It's cute for now, but I have a feeling I will get tired of hearing him say it. I haven't started toilet training yet, but that will come. First I have to get him back to only using the soother for nap times. I admit I got a little lazy and let him have it way too much while I was still pregnant with Kaylee, and I didn't want to try and wean him off of it while he was still adjusting to her being around. I think it's time to work on that one because I'm getting tired of watching him walk around with it in his mouth. It is especially annoying when he tries to talk with it in his mouth. So not cool.

Tim's work situation continues to be up in the air. We've been somewhat unhappy with how things are going at Artech lately as far as the amount of hours Tim is putting in without being paid overtime and other various frustrations around the type of work Tim is doing and issues he's having to deal with that he'd rather not. He's been doing some occasional work for Northland trucking lately, and there is a possibility that he may do that part-time as well as working more on a freelance basis for Artech. We will see. Sometimes I wish God would put up a huge billboard somewhere telling us exactly what we should do.

I am back to doing transcription work in the evenings. Kaylee has a good bedtime now, so that makes it easy to do. I very much enjoy doing it, and often wish that I had more time during the day to work on it, but of course with two kids to take care of that isn't possible. Is it wierd that part of me is looking forward to when they go to school so that I can start doing this on a more full-time basis? It gives me a chance to use my brain, and I like that.

Well, Tim's done his shower, so I'll go now. Maybe I'll start a habit of this, or maybe it might end up being a long time till I update again. We'll see...