Saturday, July 22, 2006

Various life things

So some quick updates on some stuff...

My aunt had surgery last week Thursday and came home this week. Emails from them say that the surgery went well and now it's just a wait for her to recover before starting chemo probably sometime in August. Pray that the Lord heals her and that she has a quick recovery from the surgery.

I had an interview this week for yet another position at the CCAC. This job is called the "Health Records Technician" and requires somewhat more brain power than my current job. Granted the description still sounds a little dull, but I look forward to the challenge of something new (yet again) and I'm thinking it might be somewhat more fulfilling to be doing audits then pushing paper. Yay. Feel the enthusiasm.

Also related to work, I've been training/covering a different desk that has some additional tasks added to it. Still a Team Assistant but does more to help the Case Managers and so is also busier. I was there all this week and will be there for the next two while the regular TA is on vacation. I am definitely appreciating the opportunity to be busy, something I don't get at my regular desk. (It's so bad there that one day I timed how much I actually do work and in a seven hour day I put in two and half hours of work...very pathetic.)

My parents had their 25th Anniversary celebration last weekend. Fun times were had by all. They had a bbq in their backyard and lots of friends and family came. My siblings and I had lots of work to do making sure the food was ready and stuff, but it was good and I think Mum and Dad had a good time.

Anyway, I think that puts everything up to date. Really not much exciting happening right now. Not having air conditioning blows when it's hot, but we deal by developing freezie addictions and praying for wind. Today is raining so it's not too bad at all...

Until next time........

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Prayers Please

Another one to add to the list that seems to continually grow...

We found out last week that my aunt has colon cancer. She also has some spots on her liver.

I am having a hard time keeping the faith right now, particularly since finding out that it's spreading to her liver. I'm no doctor, but I've been working in the health care system long enough to know that liver mets is never a good thing, especially this early on.

Please pray for healing, and for strength to the family, and for me, that I may trust in God's mighty hand always.