Friday, October 22, 2004

Some time for another quick update: school is busy. What else is new? I'm managing to pull by in my philosophy class enough to do a presentation with Jenn Van Breda on Kierkegaard that didn't turn out too badly, except for the part where I nearly passed out in front of the class during the discussion section. It gets a little concerning when all of a sudden you can't see anything and you're trying to get to your chair to sit down...not cool. Thankfully we also have a catchup/learn-about-intro-philosophy-all-in-one-class session during activity period today.

Wedding plans are coming along. For a full update on that see Our wedding site. There's also a link in my links section...and yes, it's been updated.

I'm currently in the process of negotiations with Dr. T about letting me miss practice next Tuesday to go on the Seafarer's mission trip to Montreal. He said he'd think about it and get back to me, but so far he hasn't and I can't help wondering if he forgot...again... While I understand that choir practices are important and every voice counts, this is my last chance for a mission trip while at Redeemer and I'd really like to go...please pray that a)he says yes and b)he gets back to me soon.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

A pause at last

okay, I know...I haven't been very good at updating this thing. My apologies, but really...I doubt my life is that interesting to anyone anyway.

School is, as usual, a blissful myriad of enjoyment and extreme frustration. There are times when I almost find myself getting excited by what I'm learning...and then comes the time to study for a midterm and I honestly couldn't care less, especially when it's for an Intro to Bio first year course I should have taken ages ago but put off until my final year. I've yet to have the experience of actually looking forward to going to class. (Is this even possible?!) I can't help but wonder. I must admit that certain courses this semester have surprised me with their level of engagement. In one of my business courses (a rather heavy Operations Management) I actually spoke up over five times in one class period, (this never happens to me, especially in business where I seem to do well, but still feel a rather like an interloper), and in my social work class I participate quite regularly, this probably because there are only four people in the class and if we didn't all speak up it would be rather dull.

And of course, my explication would not be complete without a brief comment on my upper level Philosophy core, Christian Philosophy with Craig Bartholomew. I hope I spelt that right. I must admit to have begun the course feeling very much overwhelmed, much like my fellow classmate, Jenn Van Breda (see Sept.22 entry). Having also taken intro to philosophy with Strauss, admitedly a good course, I find I feel rather that I know nothing about philosophy, quite frustrating in a class full of people who do. I must admit to feeling rather sorry for those poor students who must put up with endless explanations of the early philosophers when they would rather get on to more interesting material. My sincerest apologies for being stupid. I must say though, as time goes on I find the class more and more interesting...albeit over my head, but I appreciate the way we spend the class in discussion and not in drawn-out lectures.

Well, I really must end this now as I have one of those boring midterms to study for. I don't know if anyone reads this site anymore, but I have had some fun updating it anyway.