Monday, December 15, 2008

Easy day

Today is an easier day. O has his immunization appointment today and his parents figured since it's in the middle of the day there wasn't any point in bringing him at all. I'm okay with it because my day is definitely a lot less hectic when there are only two kids to chase. Reuben and V both have colds, so I put them down for an extra nap this morning, and hopefully they'll still go down again this afternoon. I think I might not let them sleep much longer than an hour to help out with that, although Reuben keeps coughing so I doubt he's getting a great nap anyway, poor guy.

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. It's making my house smell lovely, and so far Reuben hasn't gotten into too many ornaments. He hasn't been pulling on it much, more poking and pulling a bit at the needles. I haven't decided if I should try to put presents under it right away or not. I think that might be adding too much temptation for the kids. We'll see. I might give it a try and see how it goes, and if they can't keep out of them, I'll just put them away.

The baby is growing quickly. If you have access to Facebook I've posted some pics on there of my expanding belly. I'll try to do it regularly, but I'm not good at remembering to take them. I'm feeling movement quite regularly now, which helps to make it more real, and the morning sickness is gradually going away.

We found out last week that V's parents have found an alternate caregiver for her because of me needing some time off when the baby is born, and so she'll be leaving at the end of the month to start there. The new sitter can't guarantee a spot in May, so I understand why they're pulling her out now. It makes things a little interesting for us now, as I have to either find someone else to watch, or figure out another way to make some extra money. We'll have to see what happens. I'm doing my best to trust that God will help us find a way.

Otherwise not much for news. I'm having a hard time believing that Christmas is already next week! It seems like it was forever a way, and now it's almost here. Go figure I'm not anywhere near done my Christmas shopping like I'd hoped to be at this point. I'm planning for me and Tim to get a babysitter and do that sometime this week. That's all for now...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On Canadian politics *warning: may contain strong language*

*more added at the bottom*

What a load of bullshit!

I am in the middle of watching tonight's national addresses by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and opposition leader Stephan Dion. Honestly, I couldn't even watch the end of Dion's speech he made me so mad. Talking all about what Canadians want and don't want in terms of an election, and how Canadians just want their government to focus on the economic crisis and not have to deal with all this political crisis stuff. Well duh! And you're the bloody idiot who's creating all this political crisis with your stupid non-confidence vote!! What happened to democracy? So what if the House has lost confidence in its government? Have the people lost confidence in the government? Maybe we should ask them! I sure as heck would rather have another election than have power-hungry politicians choosing my parliament for me!

Btw did anyone else find it interesting to see the ominous gray clouds rolling by in the background on CBC? I thought it was kind of ironic of them...

The whole thing makes me sick. Seriously people. Dion was talking about how we have to be mature, let the vote on Monday happen and then accept the results of that vote blah blah blah. Maybe he should be mature and accept the fact that he lost the REAL election and be happy with the government the PEOPLE chose.

Maybe I'm out of the loop. Maybe Harper really has been screwing things up. But can it really be so bad as to create all this political kerfuffle that is drawing the attention away from more pressing economic issues? Wasn't there some other way to deal with the opposition's unhappiness with the way things were going? Couldn't they have tried SOMETHING else first?

Grrrrr... Stupid politicians. Stupid government. Stupid democratic system that clearly has some serious flaws when politicians have this capability of overthrowing an ELECTED government without having another election to find out what the people actually think. Honestly, if there was any thought about me ever voting something other than Conservative, it is completely out the window now. I will NEVER vote NDP or Liberal after this stupid stunt they are pulling. If they had asked my opinion first, maybe. But going ahead and doing this without finding out if it is actually what the people want, that is blatantly defying anything constitutional in my books, whether or not it's actually written in there or not.

I'm going to go do something else now. All this political thinking is giving me a headache and pissing me off more. I don't like the feeling that we the people have had any say in this taken away from us. I would rather have had the Liberals win the election than take the government by force. At least then I would know that I had the opportunity to have my say, even if my say didn't make a difference.

ETA: (that stands for "edited to add" for all you non-internet savy types) I just wanted to say, not to be stupidly nit-picky or anything, but did anyone else notice the incredibly crappy quality of Stephan Dion's tape? He was out of focus for pity's sake! And the camera angle/pathetic head-shot! Yeesh! Not to mention the whole taking forever thing to get it to the networks to be played; I thought it was funny when the CBC commentators started talking about the communications issues of the Liberals when it took ages for it to play. Anyway, that's enough about that...