Saturday, December 10, 2005

Of new jobs and new cars...(somewhat overdue)

So, as per above title: I have a new job and a new car. Granted, this update is overdue, so I've had both for just over a month now.

Re: the Car
It's a 2001 Silver Saturn. Standard. I drive it very well now after two weekends of practice with Tim and four weeks of taking it to work every day on my own. I will admit though, it makes for considerably increased stress levels when driving through downtown Hamilton. Anyone driving with me will hear frequent curses flowing from my mouth at the other "No you idiot stop slowing down for the green light...don't turn there you dummy...*honk!!!*...Stupid driver!!!!!" Granted, I used to drive this way before the standard, but it's gotten significantly worse since then.

Re: the new Job "Team Assistant, Intake & Referral Team extended hours, Community Care Access Centre of Halton"

Translation: "Team Assistant" I work on a team of several case managers. I do data entry of client information, faxing to service providers, filing, making up of new client charts, answering some phone calls depending on how busy we get, and other miscellaneous jobs related to "assisting the team".

Translation: "Intake & Referral Team" We're the people who new clients get in contact with when they're coming on for services with the CCAC. We also provide random information for people who call and need help with something we don't necessarily provide help with. We also do the intake assessments to determine whether or not people are actually eligible for our services...(I'll explain what those are later.)

Translation: "extended hours" My shift is from 1pm to 9pm. Everyone else goes home at 4:30ish, but me and three other case managers and another TA stay until later to keep the phones open.

Translation: "Community Care Access Centre of Halton" Basically this is home care, ie. nursing, rehab like physio, and personal support care within the home for people who can't get to clinics or hospitals where they could normally have this kind of care. It lets people go home from the hospitals to free up beds there for people who really need them. We also have a department devoted to getting kids with various disabilities help at school, and a department for admission to long-term care facilities (nursing homes).

So that's my new job. I am currently on contract for one year to fill a maternity leave; however, there is a new opening for a permanent position with daytime hours that I am looking at applying for. You may find that the job description I just gave changes at some point over the next month or so. We'll have to see.

Anyhow, those are the two big things that have happened over the last few months. I hope this hasn't been too boring of an update, and maybe one of these days I'll get better at posting more regularily. Till then...