Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Smell - to perceive with the olfactory sense

In a strange fit of boredom (yes boredom, who would have thought?) I have decided to excite you all with two updates in a row! Miracle... That and I have an inexplicable urge to share about the strange smells in my kitchen. I have determined that I can always tell when garbage day is coming up because my kitchen starts to have strange smells in it. And I always notice it when I'm on the computer. This is probably because the garbage can sits next to my desk. Every so often starting from about Wednesday, I catch a whiff of an odd odor, and I wonder, what is that smell? Then I remember, oh right, the garbage can is right there. It really drives me bonkers sometimes. Maybe I will have to take the suggestion of all these Bounce ads I keep seeing that have different ideas for ways to use the product other than in the to keep your garbage can smelling fresh.

My cat is a moron. For some reason I have yet to determine, she enjoys being tortured by Reuben. See, whenever she walks near him, he has the uncontrollable urge to grab her fur...and yank. At this point one of two things happens - either he comes away with a fistful of fur, or, he grabs skin along with the fur and the cat is now totally under his control and unable to escape as he forces her to the ground in a fit of aggression...okay maybe not so much the fit of aggression, but she does get pushed into odd angles, and it does not generally look like a pleasant experience. Now, you would think that after experiencing this punishment once the cat would learn its lesson and leave Reuben alone. Ha! You would be wrong. No, instead she keeps coming back for more! I can not figure it out.

well, I think my inspiration for the day has ended. At least I've run out of random things to comment on, so I will go and make myself some lunch now. I'm hungry. And maybe I'll do some dishes...maybe...if I feel like it...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh joy more teething!

Well, Reuben has been SUPER whiny the last week from his teeth being sore (you should see the faces he's been making!). Yesterday I found tooth number three!! It's on the top in the middle, and I think there's an eye tooth coming in next to it yet. So I'm hoping we're at the tail end of the teething crabbiness, because this kid has been MISERABLE!

I've been babysitting a couple times for the girl that will be full-time in September. It's been going okay, but I have officially determined that I never want twins! Or at least I would never want twins if I were a single mother. The daytime is not so bad, but trying to put two 6 month olds to bed at the same time by myself was a bit of a challenge.

Tim is away again for a couple of days this week. He has training in Ottawa for some certification program. We deal. At least it's not a whole week. I can handle two nights on my own.

well, I hear the children waking up! (that sounds so weird...) So off for now...