Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Greetings!

I figured this is probably the only time I'm going to have to put in a Christmas update as the next fews days look to be rather busy. Tim is working for the day and then this evening we're heading to his parents place to open presents. Tomorrow morning we'll have our first Christmas together as a family with Reuben, and in the afternoon we'll be heading to Chatham to celebrate with my parents and siblings for a few days. Much to do...

Christmas this year seems different for some reason. I think that reason is called Reuben. There are so many times when I look at him and I can't believe that I have a son, and he is it. Yet every time I go to pick him up from his crib and he smiles at me, I love him a little more. I've discovered there is a bitter-sweetness to being a mother. You love them when they're small, and part of you wishes they would always be small, but another part of you is so excited to see them grow up, and you can't help wondering what they will be like when they're older. And you know that deep in your heart, some day you'll have to let them go.

Anyway, as a completely random aside, I'm currently on my third load of laundry, with at least one more yet to do. Strange how even though I now have my own washer and dryer I still put off doing it until the pile overflows the basket and I no longer have socks in my drawer. I'm a procrastinator at heart, what can I say? I always intend to get better at doing things in a timely fashion, (like Christmas shopping), but for some reason I'm always waiting till the last minute. Maybe someday I will learn, but I doubt it.

Here's some pics of Reuben to end off. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and the very best of New Year's.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Forgotten titles

So I forgot to put a title on my last post...go figure...apparently pregnancy brain doesn't go away once the baby shows up. I'm in trouble.

Well, Christmas is almost here, and I've finally today gotten around to starting my Christmas shopping. Good thing the mall is in walking distance so I can go during the day. Even then the stores are crowded...but then they've been crowded for the last month, so unless you do your Christmas shopping in October, you're going to have to deal with them sooner or later. I got about halfway done, so I'll have to head out again at some point. Maybe I'll find a 24 hour Walmart and head out after Reuben's night time feeding...haha...right like I feel like getting up at that time of day. I don't think so... So braving the crowds again it is. Joy to the world.

I have discovered one problem though. Our cat has decided that she enjoys chewing on the Christmas presents once they're wrapped and under the tree. If anyone has any advice on how to deter her from this, please let me know. Otherwise I think I will have to go out and purchase some anti-chew spray ASAP.

Reuben is continuing to grow. He has discovered his voice and will babble and coo at his toys randomly. He also giggles on occasion which is really cute to hear. He's starting to be able to push himself up when I lay him on his tummy, and we have a great toy that I put infront of him that he likes to look at. I'll see if I can get some pictures of it up here. He's gaining more control over his head as well, and will soon be able to sit up on his own. He currently has some difficulty coordinating the sitting up and the holding head up at the same time, so will often fall over if you try to leave him on his own...I stick with propping him up for now. :)

So here's the latest pics:

Sunday, December 02, 2007

My brilliant plan to update more hasn't really happened. It's amazing how fast your days fill up with feeding a baby, changing a baby, and putting a baby to sleep. Then to try to keep the house clean and supper on the table at the same time, well, blogging ends up on the back burner. But my dear sister has requested an update with pictures, so here we are.

My parents have just left after spending last night and today. They brought my new washer and dryer and bookshelf with them. I was expecting the bookshelf, but not the washer and dryer. Can you believe I'm actually excited to do laundry tomorrow?! I don't even have to rustle up enough loonies to do my many loads! The new bookshelf looks great in our living room, and I especially like that the cd player is now also set up so I don't have to listen to music off of the computer anymore. It may be somewhat old-fashioned, but there's something kind of nice about being able to put a cd into the machine instead of having to pick out a playlist.

Reuben continues to do well. We went for his two month appointment at the doctor this week. He weighs 13lb 2oz and had his first immunizations. He was very brave and only cried for a little bit. He smiles all the time now and is even beginning to laugh for us on occasion. I am really beginning to enjoy being a mother now that we've got a regular routine down. I will be even more thrilled when he learns to sleep through the night, but one thing at a time. Frankly I would kill for a solid 8 hours of sleep at this point...eventually it will come...

Anyway, not much else for here's some pictures:

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