Monday, April 30, 2007

Strange tendencies

Today in a strange twist of fate I found myself at work unable to turn off my brain, but relegated to menial tasks as simple as making charts. Generally I do not mind making charts; it can actually be a kind of relaxing chore compared to other things like filing, and it allows me the opportunity to think about things other than for some reason, my mind came to a discovery about my job. I have learned that when one is stuck working at something for which they are highly overqualified, they develop certain anal tendencies about their work in order to keep themselves from going completely insane of boredom.

These anal tendencies can be anything from being particular about which way the letter stickers are laying in the sticker bucket, to developing an annoyance with people who don’t keep the tray-extender pulled out on the copier so that legal sheets fall on the floor when printed, to getting even more frustrated with people who do not seem to understand the concept of not taking the last copy of a form so that there is something left behind to make more copies from.

And I have decided upon reading back over these tendencies I admit to possessing, that it is most certainly high time for me to leave this job to pursue any vocation other than that of office assistant. My maternity leave in September can not possibly come soon enough for me, and after my leave is up, you can be well certain I will not be returning to this particular job. By golly I am bound and determined to find something else, anything else, and preferably something a little more in line with my qualifications.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring at last?

Well, I am sitting here in my kitchen enjoying what I dare hope may finally be spring arriving. I have the window in my screen door open...(the only window in my house that does)...the birds are chirping, the sun is shining in, and my cat is madly trying to move the little piece of cardboard that I put over the hole in the screen so that she couldn't get out. She is also whining pitifully and giving me mournful looks in the hopes that I might let her out into the backyard. I haven't yet decided who is going to win this battle.

Life moves on. My body is gradually changing shape and I'm starting to resemble a pregnant woman. I curse the fact that I have to go out and buy a new wardrobe that I'll only wear for a few months...the Dutch in me is cringing at the spending of money I have to do. I still haven't decided if I like being pregnant or not. I'm excited for this new baby that will be joining our family, but the actual pregnancy is turning out to be not so much a joy...even now that I'm into the second trimester. I am not quite as plagued by morning sickness, but even yet this week was forced to make a mad dash for the porceline goddess in the middle of the random, and yet way too familiar of an action. I'm also tired of spending half of my morning at work waiting for my blood pressure to even out so that I don't fall over and faint when I stand up from my desk... Not to mention the constant comments on my growing bulge...perhaps I'm being overly sensitive and peevish, but I must admit to some annoyance that the only exciting thing about me seems to be my stomach.

Enough about that. Work continues on. We continue to adjust to all the changes that the re-alignment has brought about. Work loads are a constant battle, and workplace gossip seems to be increasing relative to the increasing workload. Maybe the coming of spring will help as people begin to take more walks to clear their heads. Tim and I have been doing a fair bit of work for Artech Communications formerly Hunter Productions. It helps to pay the bills, and slowly but surely I'm beginning to figure out half of what the techie talk means. It's sad when I start laughing at their jokes because I actually understand and agree that it's funny...

Well, I'm going to go now. Dishes and laundry are constantly calling my name, and I actually have some loonies to use in the washer for once. I long for the day when I don't have to pay for my laundry...