Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cut short

I don't have time for an extremely lengthy post, but I did want to put up something so that you would know I haven't completely forgotten about my blog.  Moving has made life busy, and I've also started a new part time job as the admin assistant for our church.  I'm continuing with the transcription part time as well, so that has meant I have significantly less time for blogging.

So we have moved.  We're settled into the new house.  There's only a few boxes left in our room that need to be unpacked, and we need to sort through the random stuff that got tossed in the garage.  Otherwise, things are mostly where they need to be.  The kids are settled in pretty well, although Reuben continually complains of being scared of shadows in his new room, and the nightlight hasn't helped a whole lot.  We're still working on figuring out a solution for that one.

I was finally catching up on some of the blogs in my side bar today, and I'll admit, it was reading them that inspired me to get this post in quick today.  (The kids are in the middle of eating breakfast, so I may have to cut this short at any time.  It's a good thing I type fast.)  I was reminded once again of how important it is to have quiet time with the Lord, and even though I've totally bombed on the getting up early thing -- well, in all fairness, I haven't totally bombed.  I now get up with the kids in the morning when they wake up.  They don't get to go downstairs and watch TV while I go back to bed anymore.  I did think, though, that they still do watch TV while I do some stuff like catching up on blogs, so I could turn that into my quiet time.

Anyway, Reuben is done eating, so I have to go.  Hopefully I can continue this again soon...