Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A post of nothing

Lest you think I've given up on getting up early and doing the morning blog thing, I figured I'd try to at least post something today.  Do you have any idea how long I sat at my laptop yesterday morning trying desperately to find something inspired to say?  My pregnancy brain misses its morning coffee.

This morning isn't a whole lot better, but I thought I'd try just sitting and typing and seeing what comes as a way of attempting to break through the block.  I was actually working on my menu plan for a while, and it seems I can't even come up with enough ideas for that either.  I've got five nights over the next two weeks that I just can't seem to figure out what we should eat, or more accurately, what I might feel like making.

So here I sit, unable to come up with a good idea for a blog post, and still trying to figure out what we're going to eat for supper.  Maybe another day will be more inspiring...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Three

The lights are on at the construction site behind the house where the men continue to work on the long-awaited and past-deadline rec centre.  There's a haze outside this morning that promises of one very hot March day and hints of summer rather than spring.  The tea kettle rumbles and grumbles behind me, and I miss my coffee.  Vanilla rooibos tea just isn't cutting it for me these mornings.

It's day three of getting up with the kids, and boy, I forgot how hard this is.  It's my own fault for getting out of the habit, and I keep telling myself it would be easier if I had a steaming cup of coffee waiting for me, which I know probably isn't true, but it does give me something to look forward to once these months of pregnancy are over.

And "Click!" goes the kettle.  My kettle doesn't whistle when it's done.  It kind of annoys me.  All I get is a "Click!" as it shuts off and pray that I actually hear it so I get up and pour the water while it's hot instead of having to reboil it when I finally remember that I was waiting for it.

So I'm going to continue on, and you'll get some disjointed blog posts, somewhat like this one, until my mental faculties return to their former non-pregnancy-hormone fogged state, and in a few months, I'll have the benefit of caffeine to assist me in providing added clarity through the fatigue.  I can see a difference in my moods already; not that I can attribute that to my own strength.  Lord, no, but He is faithful to provide grace for each day when we but turn to Him and ask.  Praise Him for His faithfulness!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to a new thing?

Well, people, you'll never guess it: I actually got up with the kids this morning instead of sending them downstairs to watch TV while I go back up to sleep.  I know.  It's a miracle.  It sucks, though.  I'm stuck with tea instead of coffee, and it's just not the same.

I've been feeling more and more lately like this pregnancy has turned me into a miserable monster, and I'm getting sick of it.  So in an effort to bring more of God back into my day, I'm going to try to get back into the habit of getting up with the kids and spending time reading all the inspirational and encouraging blogs that I used to back before I got walloped with ridiculous morning sickness.  Thankfully, most to all of my nausea and vomiting has abated, and I'm actually starting to feel a modicum of inspiration to write again, so if I can keep this up, you might even get a few more blog posts out of the deal.

(Wow, look at all those big words!  See, it's working already...)

I have to say, I was highly amused to log in to Blogger this morning and check my stats.  I couldn't believe that I've actually managed to maintain a steady readership, even though my posting has been sporadic and infrequent.  Get this: I've been pinned on Pinterest!!  I know!!  Crazy!!  Apparently, some of the recipes I've posted have caught some attention, how cool is that!

Anyway, that's about all I have to say for now.  I don't want to get too long and lengthy as I have much catching up to do on my blog reading after months of not doing much of it.  I will say this: the kids have been totally confused this morning by my getting up early.  They've gotten used to me going back to bed for about an hour after they get up, and now they're all like, "I guess you couldn't sleep, Mommy."  "What are you doing awake, Mommy?"  "What's going ON?"  Poor things.  I tried to remind Reuben that this is what I used to always do, and I think he gets it.  We'll see if I can get back into making this the habit or not...