Friday, April 29, 2005

Bittersweet Endings

It is hard to believe that I am done. After four long years my time here at Redeemer is come to an end. I can't figure out if I'm sad, ecstatic, relieved, thankful...or maybe all of the above. My last exam was Tuesday night, I handed my mailbox key in on Wednesday. Final act to come is Grad on May 28. To be honest, there are many things about this place I will not miss. The classes, the papers, the exams, the exorbitant price of tuition and textbooks, the leaky roofs, the alternately cold and hot list could go on. What I will miss are the fun times with friends, the choir practices in the squash courts, late night gab sessions with roommates, pizza at any and all times, procrastinating by any means possible, puddle-fights after rainstorms, random hugs in the hallway...again, my list could go on.

They say it's time to meet the real world. I only hope I'm ready. One thing I surely know, it is God that has brought me this far. I pray I may be as richly blessed and strengthened in the years to come.

Peace my friends.

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