Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"...through shadow, to the edge of night..."

On the off chance that anyone is still checking this, I figured it was high time I posted at least a quick update. Kaylee woke me up early this morning, and I haven't managed to get the energy to get Reuben out of bed yet, so I've been checking other people's blogs and felt guilty that I haven't posted since last July. Clearly, it's been a while, so much has happened.

To be really quick: Grandma Moelker passed away November 29, 2009. Oma Wikkerink (Tim's grandmother) passed away December 27, 2009. Aunt Jean (Dad's sister) was killed in a car accident January 30, 2010. Three funerals in the space of three months has been a bit much.

Kaylee is not sleeping through the night yet. She gets absolutely miserable when she's teething, and it seems like she's constantly teething, although we have yet to see anything more than her two front bottom teeth.

Reuben is basically toilet trained. I still have him in pullups for naps and overnight, but he doesn't really need them. He talks a lot, but it's not always understandable, and I end up spending a lot of time translating for him.

Tim is still at Artech, but I think he's quitting as soon as he gets back from Vancouver.

I'm still doing transcription. Kaylee's pathetic sleeping habits have me quite exhausted, which is probably why I don't post much anymore. Frankly, I don't do a whole lot of anything on the Internet anymore. Funny how two kids will change your priorities.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'd like to say I'll post more regularly, but I wouldn't count on it at this point.


Laura Moelker said...

Thanks for posting:). I literally check every day...well...maybe every other day:).

Justine Teresa said...

welcome back. momentary as it may be...

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