Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I know that I always say this, but I really am very sick of school.

So I ended up getting permission to go on the Montreal Mission Trip, and I'm glad I went. It was a lot of fun meeting new Redeemer people, hanging out with a bunch of first years for eight hours there and eight hours back in an eleven seater van, playing pool etc. with the Seafarers and learning how to speak Russian. Well, learning how to say "yes" and "no" in Russian...(that would be "da" and "niet"). Good times. The one drawback to the whole trip was having to sleep for three nights on the floor of a church nursery. I think we should have brought a chiropractor with us. On the bright side, I've developed a new-found appreciation for my mattress.

I'm getting tired of writing papers and I've only just started working on them. I finished an 11-pager this afternoon and handed it in, but seeing as how the whole thing was based on personal reflection and not on library research I have a hard time justifying it as an actual paper. The next two will likely be not so pleasant to write. (I think of that paper discussing Dooyeweerd for my philosophy brain hurts just thinking about how much time I'm going to have to spend pondering...) Yet again on the bright side, there's only just over a month until this semester is done and I'm finally on my last semester here at Redeemer.

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