Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Writer's block

There is nothing quite so frustrating for a student than to face a writer's block right in the middle of paper season. Especially when you're so close to being finished this one major paper......but you just can't quite figure out how to write a critique on Dooyeweerd's "The Great Synthesis". Craig Bartholomew is a wonderful man, but I have a hard enough time trying to understand this stuff let alone analysing it and forming my own opinions it.

I look forward to Christmas...sure to be a hectic holiday this year with twice the family gatherings as normal...this is what happens when you have a significant other in your life...but at the same time it will be good to spend some quality time with my family again without having to think about school or work. Little sister will be coming home from Dordt, the first time to see her since she left at the end of don't really realize how much you miss them until you never see them. I keep meaning to call...

*giving my head a shake*

...getting too introspective here...sheesh...sometimes I wonder if there's such thing as normal life...

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