Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bright Spring Day

I am told that my update here is long overdue, and that it is. When you're as bad at remembering to email people as I am, it is interesting to find out that people actually do rely on this here blog to keep themselves updated on my life. Who knew?

My last few weeks have been rather busy with work and preparing for the All Ontario Youth Convention coming up on the May long weekend. I won't get myself started on all the issues we're dealing with concerning convention right now. Suffices to say, I don't agree with some decisions that are being made and how the committee is going about making them. As a quasi-member of the Ontario Youth Ministry Team (the "Board"), I can say things like that. When I say quasi-member, I mean that technically my position is part of the Board, but I don't have voting privileges. Such is the life of the Sponsorship/Donations Coordinator. Yes, that is my title, and I have the wonderful job of gathering money and goods to support the convention/youth ministry team. Speaking of which, if anyone would like to help me out in my endeavours, we're looking for a third member of the committee. Let me know...

Convention aside, I am still working my 1:15 to 9:15 shift at the CCAC. Technically I have a day job there, but I don't officially transfer until May 29. Our government is slow, and unions don't help. (Yes, the CCAC is government; health care actually...and yes, I'm part of the nurses union that is there, even though I'm not a nurse, figure that one out.) But the person who will be taking my job has officially started, and she gets to follow me around when her busy training schedule allows her to, and hopefully in four weeks she'll know what she's doing.

I'm posting a picture of my kitten here, for those of you who may not have seen her yet. This is from Christmas, so she's grown a bit...but I think she's still cute.

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Dan said...

My goodness, that cat was a lot smaller last time I saw it. Cute! :)

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