Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Look I'm still posting!

It appears that my brilliant plan to type up blog posts while I'm bored at work was absolutely genius...look at how good I've been at keeping this thing up to date!

(The rest of this post was composed today while at work)

So this week managed to keep me busy at work only until Wednesday. By some bizarre quirk Monday ended up being probably the busiest day I have ever had in my new position here, and I’ve been sitting at this desk now since last May. Granted, we were short-staffed so I had twice the work as normal. But usually when that happens I’m just pleasantly busy, not completely swamped. I was actually complaining because I had too much work to do. Figure that one out. I probably should have kept my mouth shut because it looks like I’m going to be bored out of my tree for the rest of the week...all my case managers are going to be out of the office except for one.

The ups and downs are starting to level out into a generalized blah feeling. I think if I could only kick this constant fatigue I might be able to bring the “blah” up to a “mostly fine”. However, an earlier bed time does not seem to be helping that much and I haven’t figured out a way to make myself remember to take my multi-vitamins often enough for that to help either. The heat here in the office does not help during the day. I will not say too much on that subject though because usually I’m freezing, and I happen to appreciate the fact that for once we have sunshine.

As an aside, if anyone out there happens to hear of any good job openings, I am back to looking. My brilliant plan for not having to deal with the whole CCAC realignment was smashed a couple weeks ago along with several other hopes and dreams for the future, and now I’m back to looking for a job in any field other than health care, and preferably nowhere near any other government agency either. Not-for-profit I can handle, but I’m really tired of being unionized and even more tired of being frustrated with the lack of flexibility that comes with so many layers of red tape.

Enough complaining for today. We’ll just have to wait and see where life’s road leads...

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justine said...

i like that you post. it brightens my day.

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