Saturday, November 18, 2006


(this post was written Friday November 17)

Well, another week has gone by, and once again I’m bored at work on a Friday...kind of odd since Friday is normally our busy day. But it gives me the chance to update and prevents me from trying to procrastinate from cleaning my house tomorrow.

It’s felt like a rather long week. I am feeling quite tired most of the time, even though I go to bed on time and sleep fairly well. I imagine it will take me a bit to recover from everything that’s happened. We got rear-ended on the way in to work this morning which I suspect won’t help with how I’m feeling. No damage was done to either vehicle, but it’s still annoying that it happened. I’m thinking I may have to finally take advantage of my health spending account from work and go for a nice long massage.

We’re pretty much settled into the new apartment now. I have some serious cleaning to do, and some piddly boxes to unpack, books and picture frames etc. I only hope I have the energy to get everything done tomorrow that I want to do. I think maybe I’ll wait for spring before I tackle the disaster zone that’s our basement. I’m trying to decide what I’ll do for Christmas decorations this year, if I want to spend some money on getting some stuff, whether or not to get a real tree or stick with the fake one we had last year (although it’s in pretty crummy shape). I admit I listened to a bit of Christmas music yesterday while doing dishes before supper...for some reason good Christmas music always makes me feel happy. And I’m talking about the good stuff here, not the cheesy pop stuff they play on the radio incessantly until the holidays come.

Anyway, I’m glad the weekend has come. Maybe I’ll indulge myself and sleep in for a bit tomorrow...we’ll see...

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