Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quick update...

So I figured I should update since I haven't in a while, and it looks like today has been an updating sort of day for other members of my family. I don't really have much to say, and my kitchen is freezing so I'm going to keep this short.

Work is same old same old. I think I'm finally over the cold I had for a couple of weeks there...not so much fun at all. I believe the drop in temperature may finally be killing off some of the many bugs that seem to be flying around. However, I still hate winter and even though it's still only January (almost February) I am longing for summer and already feeling cabin-feverish.

So really nothing major to report...but I figured I would post anyway, because I know some people actually do read my blog and like to see something new once in a while. I can relate. I like seeing new things on blogs that I read too.

Until next time...maybe when the kitchen isn't so cold...

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Pappy said...

Hi fellow hermit. I hear you re the winter thing. I'm very ready for Spring. And I do enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for the comment on mine. Love you.

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