Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have a caffeine addiction

In a sort of random and inexplicable way, I am feeling particularly good about life this morning. I'm not sure why. There isn't anything particularly special about this morning. We slept a little later than normal (read that: Reuben slept a little later than normal so the rest of us got to sleep in too.) The extra sleep was greatly appreciated, but meant that we kinda missed church.

So I think both of those things, the sleeping in and missing church, cancel each other out as far as making this a good morning. I like sleeping in, but I don't like missing church. I did have my morning coffee earlier than usual...perhaps this is the cause of my elevated mood. Or maybe I'm just really enjoying the fact that it's a beautiful day outside, I'm home with my husband and infant son, and I don't have to grumble about the fact that tomorrow is Monday and the work week will be starting all over again. I really don't miss having to go to work every day. Occasionally I miss the contact with people, but then I just call up a friend, or remind myself that Coffee Break is on Tuesday, and Wing's Night with our friends is on Wednesday, and then it's only two more days till the weekend when my husband is home all day from work anyway.

My life is weird.

...and I think it's a fairly safe bet to say that it's the caffeine causing my good spirits...I'm starting to feel somewhat jittery, and my fingers are typing faster and faster...

I have to admit I probably spend way too much of my time at home online, and not enough cleaning house and doing laundry. I'm part of a message board with women who all had babies at the same time as me, and I enjoy sharing stories with them about baby milestones and frustrations. I can be proud of myself this week though: we got ground beef on sale at the grocery store, a whole 10lbs worth, so I fried up a whole pile of it, and made enough meat loaf to last for a month! Yay me! Yet another step into housewife-hood. I really felt like my mother when I was separating the beef into little baggies to put into the freezer. I remember her doing the same thing when I was a kid. All in the name of savings...

anyway, I've been rambling on for long enough, and clearly need to find an outlet for this caffeine energy. Maybe I'll do dishes or something...yeah...right... Oh, and I will get on those pictures yet sometime soon...

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