Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just a quick update

Not much new to report. Reuben is motoring along with his crawling, and I've had to put up our gate to prevent him from getting into the kitchen and playing with the cat's food and water. I keep a gap underneath it so the cat can still get in, and the little stinker was reaching his arm under it today to grab the food dish. So I moved it, and I think we'll be okay. Now if I can figure out how to keep him from playing with the VCR, we'll be all set. It may be time to invest in an entertainment unit with doors.

My garden is coming along. All my veggies are up, although the carrots are being a little slow. I put in some marigolds along the edge today. I've got a little corner with some other flowers. A friend gave me some spare daffodil bulbs, and some stupid animal has already dug them up once and eaten one of the bulbs. I was not happy to find this out. So I replanted the ones it left behind, and sprinkled some coffee grounds around them, (apparently this is supposed to repel certain animals). We'll have to see if it works. I still have to get my beans, peppers, and tomatoes in. Hopefully I'll do the beans in the next day or two, and the peppers and tomatoes in the next week or so.

anyway, I'm in the middle of making lunch, so that's it for now... Hope everyone is well!

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Amy said...

Oh let us know if the coffee grounds work. We have a terrible bunny problem here... well a problem in terms of my plants that is. I had to put a little fence around my vegetable garden because it would have been fruitless not to do so. But if I could re-purpose my coffee grounds for my shrubbery and stuff, I will do that.

Go get them Reuben, but stay away from that cat food... it doesn't taste very good anyway. My boys were always thinking it was some delicious treat as well :)

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