Thursday, June 05, 2008

My garden

Here's some pictures of my garden.

These are two of the garden before I planted everything so you can see it as a clean slate.

Here's the whole thing as it looks now, or at least as it looked two days ago. We've had a lot of rain and things are really starting to shoot up. In case you're wondering, the newspaper between the rows is to prevent the neighbour cats from digging around and pooping everywhere. So far it seems to have worked, although I got lazy and didn't put enough around my carrots and I need to replant that row because they haven't come up. You can also see that we have a maple tree in the next yard over because there are helicopters everywhere.

This is my little corner of flowers, some daffodils and some other random flowers that were growing in our lawn that I transplanted.

Here you can see my morning glories coming in along the fence. You can see my onions and lettuce next to them.

And that's it! Still haven't gotten around to putting in my beans, mainly because it's been yucky weather the last couple of days, but I'm hoping to get off my lazy behind and do them tomorrow. The coffee grounds I sprinkled around my flowers seems to have prevented that squirrel from coming back for the rest of my daffodils, so I may end up saving up more to put around the rest of my marigolds. Either that or I may invest in some garden sheeting...but then, that costs money, and spare coffee grounds I have plenty of as I do enjoy my morning coffee. Well, off for now...

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Anonymous said...

I love your garden. It's what I think is a perfect garden and is what I would have done in life except that I married your dad and well, you know him. There is no need for me to do the garden thing. :)
- mum

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