Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cursed roofers!

So we're getting a new roof on our block of townhouses. I am SOOO ready for them to be done! The racket is getting really annoying, and I am quite certain they are the reason I couldn't get Reuben to nap until late yesterday afternoon, subsequently throwing off his bedtime, and leaving me with an exhausted child this morning. I am not impressed.

My morning glories are blooming, I'll try to get pictures up soon when I can take some good ones. It makes me happy to see the purple flowers every morning.

Reuben is cutting his eighth tooth and it's making him miserable. Combine that with three late nights in a row, and we've entered into the world of tantrums. Mummy and Daddy are not thrilled.

Other than that, not much for news. We're heading up to the Cadet Camporee starting Aug 5 b/c Artech has the contract for it so Tim will be running the stage for their assemblies. Reuben and I will be camping at the family campground about a half hour away, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm really hoping we don't get too much rain like we have been lately, b/c that could make for a long week.

well, off for now. The roofers have quieted a little bit, so I think I will try to squeeze in a nap...

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Emily B. said...

Oh man, that would drive me crazy. I hope they get it finished soon so you can get your routine back.

Can't wait to see pictures of those flowers. My cosmos are doing excellent and I will def. get them next year.

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