Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wow two posts in a week!

Well, for some weird reason I feel compelled to post again so soon. Believe it or not I actually typed up a pretty long post just the day after the last one, but then never got around to publishing it, and now it doesn't make any sense. Oh well.

I've been feeling a little off the last few days after having some enlightening conversations with friends. Reuben's sleep habits probably don't help any either. He's slept through the night twice this week, then last night was up at 1:30 (a VERY odd hour for him). It doesn't help we've been getting him to bed late and the heat has been making him nap more frequently. Honestly I think I felt more rested when we were at a stable schedule up him waking up once between 3 and 4 then when we mess around with sleeping through the night only occasionally.

So my brain feels like it's flip-flopping between running away with me to the point of overload and then stopping dead in it's tracks so that I just feel rather like a zombie. It's an odd feeling... Most of the time I couldn't even tell you what thoughts are flooding my mind b/c they come so fast I don't even have time to ponder them. ...and don't tell me I should cut back on caffeine b/c I tried that earlier this week by going one day without was a very bad idea...I remembered that I really don't function well without it anymore (see above paragraph describing our sleeping habits).

anyway, Reuben needs me to come play with him, so I'll end this weird rambling now...

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