Sunday, August 08, 2010

Saucy Pepper Steak

I'm in Chatham for the weekend while Tim is out on a run, and last night for supper I made Saucy Pepper Steak.

It was very yummy.

In other news, our car broke the other day while we were on the way to bringing Tim to work. Thankfully, and quite ironically, I had to drop him off at an auto shop where he was picking up the truck for work that had been brought there for service. The shifter on our car stopped working just on the last hill before we got there, and we were able to coast into their parking lot. We have to wait until Monday for someone to take a look at it and give us a verdict, but it looks like we may need a new transmission. Ugh.


Justine Teresa said...

well that just blows - referring to the car.
that dish looks amazing. take that picture too? ;)

Justine Teresa said...

also. the commenter just made me spell 'dogulus'. i believe that is a synonym of 'ridiculous' but it's all down with the kids. yo.

also. you've been posting a lot. HURRAY! the previous post also looks good. i may need to invest in a bbq at some point.

Marleah said...

yes, of course I took that picture! Um, no. Not really. Although, I have been thinking I really should just take actual pics of what I'm making, but I don't think they would look quite as good.

about the bbq, A) you could come over and use ours, or B) Tim and I were wondering if you could just do the foil packs in the oven?? Would that work?

Justine Teresa said...

hmmm. yeah, i think it might work in the oven. it might taste a bit different, but i think it would cook fine still. i may have to give it a try.

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