Monday, January 10, 2011

Theme for 2011

So of course, this morning I remembered that I actually did have a New Year's-ish type of thing to blog about, and that is my theme for this year.  What is this "theme" thing you may ask?  Well, during the first service of the year at our church, the pastor handed out "Star Gifts".  Each person was given a yellow star with a word printed on it, and that word is God's gift to them for the year.  Somehow, God will use that word to speak to each person throughout the year.

My word was "teaching".

I know.  That's what I thought too.

My initial reaction was, "Teaching -- hm.  Seems kind of...dull."  Then I clued in.  "Teaching.  Oh Lord.  More lessons."

So my theme for the year is "teaching".  If I can stay on the ball about this, I'm hoping that I can keep this as a theme for my blog as well, to write about how I see God speaking to me this year about "teaching". 

I will admit, part of me is a little apprehensive about heading into the year now.  A year of "teaching".  Quite honestly, my experience with God and "teaching" generally involves struggles and trials, so I can only imagine what He might have planned for me.  I know that I have so much to learn, so the question now becomes which lessons will He choose to teach me?

Stay tuned...

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