Saturday, September 08, 2012

Going out in the rain...with kids...

Murphy's Law of Running Errands with Children: on a day when you absolutely have to leave the house for some type of errand, ie. doctor's appointment, groceries because your cupboards are bare or you forgot an important ingredient, library because your books or videos are overdue, any other essential errand that needs to be run, guaranteed, it will be pouring rain.

I can name probably at least three situations in the last two months where I've had to leave the house with all three kids, and it has been pouring rain.  I'm pretty sure the examples I listed were the exact reasons as well.  Doctor's appointment, essential groceries, and library books being overdue. 

Case in point, today, yet again, I had plans to head out to the library this morning with the kiddos (not as essential of a visit because I returned the videos earlier this week and the books aren't due till next week), but the kids always like having videos in the house instead of always watching TV (and I don't mind being a little more selective in their entertainment choices).  Of course, it is raining. 

And is it ever raining.  The kind of rain where I'm going to get really annoyed at how slowly my kids get into the van because even though they have umbrellas and can just hop in with relative dryness, my umbrella is broken, and I'll have to stand there with my backside out in the elements whilst I buckle them all into their seats.  Ick.  Time to rethink the white t-shirt I picked out to wear this morning.

And of course, I was lazy last night and didn't put out the garbage and recycling.  I said to myself, "Oh, I'll just do it in the morning."  Boy was that dumb.  Now I have to go put it out in the rain.  *sigh*  That's what I get for procrastinating...

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