Thursday, September 27, 2012

Of tired mornings and thankfulness for coffee...

The morning dawns a new day.  I wake to my alarm, but just barely.  Today is one of the few blessed mornings where all the kids stay sleeping long enough for me to have a 45-minute stretch of alone quiet time. 

I can barely keep my eyes open to read the daily chapter from the book our church is going through as part of a 40 Days of Love series.

I'm not kidding.  I am THAT tired.  I don't think I have ever had such a hard time trying to stay awake to read something.  My eyes kept crossing, and I struggled to focus on the page.  My morning prayers are echos, "Give me strength.  Keep me awake.  Help me to be patient through the tired."

I should be working -- I have a file to proof that's due by mid-day Pacific time (thank the Lord for contracts with companies based on the West coast!).  Instead, I pour my coffee and turn to blogs for a bit of inspiration for the day.  I love this blog, with the music playing in the background and for once today I plug in the headphones and listen instead of hitting mute and my heart feels for a change instead of staying numb in the exhaustion, and even though the posts are long, I read to the very end because her words always resonate deep down in those hard places.

One by one, the kids wake up and join me.  This quiet time for myself (and my coffee!) have done its work, and I am ready to get into the busy-ness of the day.  I call on His strength, and as always, He provides.

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