Saturday, December 08, 2012

Odds and Ends

It's funny the random things that give inspiration for a post.  Like today, I don't really have anything in particular that I wanted to say, but my sister posted last night, and it made me feel like posting, too.

Back to having nothing really to say, it means you're going to end up with a post full of odds and ends.  Here goes:

We will probably go get our Christmas tree today.  This year, Christmas means that Nathan is six months old and starting solids.  Already.  I need to remember to enjoy this time before he gets mobile because next Christmas, he's probably going to be walking and trying to take all the ornaments off the tree.  But maybe next year he'll be sleeping better, and I won't feel quite so sleep deprived.

I've discovered the awesomeness of making broth for soup in my crock pot.  As in, we deep-fried a turkey, and I put the bones etc. in the crock pot overnight and made broth.  And I bought a whole chicken, cooked it in the crock pot, got some great meat off it, and then made broth with the bones.  One of these days I will remember to take pictures of the process so I can post about it. 

We are planning to finish off the unfinished room in our basement.  I have plans to repaint it, and we need to put in some carpeting.  We also want to extend the subfloor to in front of the bottom of the stairs, carpet the stairs, and put some new lighting in the stairwell so the kids will feel like it's not so creepy to go down there by themselves.  But first things first, it needs to be emptied of all our junk.  This will be our winter project this year.

Well, the kids are done breakfast.  I can only buy myself so much time in the mornings.  More coffee is needed...

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Justine Teresa said...

Glad to hear I could be some inspiration ;)
The renos sound like a great idea!

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