Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A new skill

So I thought I'd share a new skill of mine that I've just learned over the past few weeks. It is -- barbecuing! Yes, believe it or not, until now, I have never actually barbecued anything myself. Tim has always been the one in the family to handle the grilling, and whenever he's been gone, I've been limited to stove-cooked meals.

Until now. I forget exactly how it happened, but one day, I had planned on Tim making sausages for supper, and then, he got stuck working late. (I think this was one of the days he was helping Jon at Artech.) Anyway, I didn't have any ideas for a good backup plan for supper, so I called Tim, and he convinced me that I would be able to handle the barbecuing on my own.

Truthfully, my main concern has always been how to light the darn thing. Tim had tried to teach me once, but at the time, we had a crummy tank (which we figured out when we swapped it out with a new one), and I could never get the barbecue to light. Anyway, with the new tank, it suddenly became much easier for me to get it started, and with a few simple instructions from Tim, voila, I now know how to use the barbecue. So far I have made sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers, and those chicken foil packs I posted about a while back. I definitely appreciate the increased options I now have for dinner while Tim is on the road.

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Sarah said...

That's really funny, Mar.

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