Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some pictures and the story of my lunch

I finally got around to uploading the pictures from our camera onto the computer, so I thought I'd share a few of the good ones I found.

Here's a picture of the steak skewers I made a few posts back:

This is the first loaf of bread I made:

This is Reuben being a goof:

Kaylee decided it would be fun to climb into the oven drawer one day.

Here's a neat shot of a couple birds that were sitting on our fence once when we came home from being out somewhere.

 And here's my lunch today:

I made this by toasting some bread, then buttering it and putting some mozzerella slices on it.  On top of that are two slices of tomatoes with the skins taken off.  (I discovered it is so much easier to eat them that way.)  Then I sprinkled on about a pinch of oregano for each sandwich, shook on a little salt and pepper, tossed them in the toaster oven for about six minutes, and voila, yummy lunch.  They were absolutely delicious.  I've decided that I have a thing for tomatoes, and next summer, I have every intention of growing some in our backyard so I can have fresh ones.  Mmmm...

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Pappy said...

Oh my goodness, that shot of Kaylee could be Laura! Love it.

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