Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Menu Plan Wednesday

Well, it's a snow day today, and the kids went to Laura's a day early, so Tim and I are enjoying some quiet time around the house for once.  I thought I should take the time to post something, even if it's not anything particularly inspiring.  I'm actually having a difficult time typing after mutilating my finger on the mandolin last night while I was attempting to slice potatoes for supper.  Looks like I probably won't be taking any transcription work this weekend.

I know a lot of the other bloggers that I keep up with will often do a Menu Plan type post, so I'm thinking I might start doing that too.  I've found that dinner time is a whole lot easier if I have all of our meals planned out ahead of time.  It also makes groceries a lot simpler, too.  I usually plan for two weeks at a time, based around the timing of our budget and when pay cheques are deposited.  I think I'll only post a week at a time though.  So here's my menu plan for Feb 2 through Feb 8.

Wednesday - Shepherd's pie
Thursday - Hamburger Helper
Friday - chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, and peas (I haven't decided how I'm going to cook the chicken yet.)
Saturday - Lasagna
Sunday - Chili
Monday - Sidekicks & homemade chicken fingers
Tuesday - Boerenkool

Thursdays have to be fairly easy meals as we're trying to get Tim out the door, so we're squeezing the meal in while making his lunches for on the road and packing his bag before dropping him off.  That leaves meals for just me and the kids over the weekend, and an easy meal again on Monday in case we have to go pick Tim up before or after dinner.  Then Tuesdays and Wednesdays are meals with Tim home, and hopefully something that will give us leftovers for him to take on the road with him.

There's a method to all this madness.  I do find it challenging to come up with meals for just me and the kids because I want them to be easier meals, but still tasty and nutritious, yet not feeling like I'm going to be making all kinds of food that no one is going to eat because the kids don't have huge appetites yet.  Dinner is often the meal they eat the least of in the day.

So that's that.  I think from now on I will try to make Wednesday's my Menu Plan post days.  If you ever want to come join us for a meal you particularly like, let me know, and I'll make sure we have enough for you.  :)

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Laura Moelker said...

I, too, find it difficult to cook since it's just me. I find that I put a lot in the freezer which is handy when I don't feel like cooking some evening.
Looking forward to Shepherds Pie tonight!

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