Friday, May 24, 2013

So much for Nathan sleeping better...

I had a moment of deep thinking the other day while we were doing a day with a lot of driving - thoughts about saying good-bye and being too busy to notice life changing and then finally when you slow down, you feel like everything's changed, and you need to adjust but you're not entirely sure how because really, life is just going on the same as it always has, it's just you that feels different. 

Anyway, I had intentions of writing a semi-decent blog post about it all, but then Nathan started sleeping crappy again, and my brain power significantly diminished with the ensuing lack of sleep.  It's a small miracle I'm writing today because he had me up for over two hours last night when he just didn't want to go back to sleep after waking up at 12:45am.  And then I got into a somewhat heated discussion with God about how it was time for Him to step in and take over because I was at my wit's end, and how was I supposed to be a good mother to my other two children in the morning when I had to be up all night with a baby that was perfectly fine in all other ways but just refused to sleep??

I wish I could tell you how that conversation ended, but my sleep-deprived brain can't really remember.  I think I managed to not get too angry for once, and I'm pretty sure Nathan fell asleep eventually, but I think I also ended up patting his back until he did so, so I have no idea if God was involved in the process or not.  All I know is, it was a very short hour and a half later that he was awake again, so I finally took him into my bed, got him back to sleep, and had myself a short little nap before the cat came in and tried to wake us both up.  Darn cat.

Another completely random and unrelated thing of note, my daughter's new backpack has a little hole in it made specifically for headphones.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I am certain, though, she won't be using it any time soon.

That's all for today...

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