Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"...and found Him, as always, there."

Well, I thought when I'd signed in to Blogger tonight that it was going to be a simple matter of an update and perhaps a tiny bit of introspection, quick and easy. I've now been sitting here for about half an hour and I am still having some difficulty figuring out exactly what I want to say. Life has been continuing on relatively normally for the past couple of days...finally! I went back to work last week Thursday, just in time for a major re-organization of our building. Due to the restructuring of the CCAC's they decided to arrange our office layout in a way that would clearly define the boundary lines between our soon to be two new CCACs. Unfortunately, this means that I now have a desk right by the elevator and the fax/coat room, a very noisy, high-traffic area further complicated by the presence of a printer on my desk that has yet to be moved. Supposedly that is scheduled to happen sometime this week. I have, however, found a benefit to this printer: it has a fan that blows out hot air for when my hands are cold, and it is kind of nice not to have to get up from my chair everytime I print something. (This does not quite make up for it's noisiness though.)

Ah, the water for my tea has just finished boiling. I finally finished the last bag of President's Choice brand Earl Grey that I've had in the house for over a year now, and we splurged this weekend and picked up a box of Twinings. Mmmm...there's something to be said for spending the money on a good quality tea. We also picked up our holiday turkey. I'm not sure yet which holiday we'll use it for, but more than likely it will probably be closer to New Year's than Christmas.

I am generally starting to feel more like myself again. Still very tired, and I'm thinking that sometime mid-January I may book a couple of days off-work to just be at home and rest without actually being sick at the same time. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, I'm about to head off and get some dishes done. To explain the title of this blog, I've waited until now to choose one, and found this on a page of C.S Lewis quotes. The page has the full quote as follows: "You have gone into the Temple...and found Him, as always, there." Apparently taken from a letter "To a Lady"...I think I should like to read the whole letter. Maybe then I can explain why I picked this quote for my title. I've always like C.S. Lewis' writing, and I think I would like to give my brain some exercise and maybe pick up a few of his books to read over the holidays.

Well, off to my dishes...

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