Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just waiting...

Well, no baby yet. We have 4 days till the due date and I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable and ready for this baby to make its appearance. My days are filled with watching tv, taking naps, doing dishes, and other random activities as they come up. Tim is very happy to be eating regular meals for a change. I haven't even made Hamburger Helper once yet...although I'm sure it'll show up back on the menu at some point.

Otherwise there is really not a whole lot for news. It's been more of a chore than I realized getting my ROE from work. Apparently the lady who puts them together didn't get the memo that I'd actually left for my maternity leave, and if I hadn't called her the other day wouldn't have known to do it. (This after I left her a voicemail on my last day specifically asking her to call me about when I could pick it up...maybe she still hadn't checked her messages a week later??) Anyway, I should have it this afternoon, and maybe sometime soon I will make a trek down to the Service Canada office to drop it off.

well, I am going to head off...maybe I'll fold some socks...

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