Monday, September 08, 2008

I need more high chairs

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post about needing more high chairs to get through lunch. Well, today only highlighted that fact. The little boy (we'll call him O, and we'll call the little girl V, for the sake of not having to say little boy and little girl all the time without putting their names all over the internet)...anyway, O joined us today for a few hours around lunch. Let's just say, I was insane for thinking it would work somewhat okay to feed one kid at a time. I knew that it would be hectic, but I was not quite prepared for the two kids who weren't eating to throw minor fits at being ignored. It got slightly better once the two kids who weren't eating turned into kids who had already eaten, but only slightly because I wasn't able to keep them from bonking each other and trying to climb on each other while at the same time feeding yogurt and cutting up pancakes for the kid who's turn it was to eat. Not to mention O was in desperate need of a nap because he recently dropped his morning nap and has started needing his afternoon nap immediately after lunch...except that his parents were coming to pick him up after lunch/before his nap so he could nap at home...(it's a long story).

But I survived, and Reuben & V are down for their afternoon naps, at the same time for once, and I am seriously considering joining them after the morning I've just had. I am only thankful that I was able to get the chance to eat some pancakes as well, even though I did have to microwave them b/c by the time my turn came around they were cold.

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Anonymous said...

4 kids under the age of 5 does not even remotely come close to what you are doing. Hang in there!

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