Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On trusting God...

My Dad recently updated his blog, which is super cool because he doesn't often get a chance to write. His last paragraph brought up some interesting thoughts to mind about conversations with God and life being confusing. I have noticed that God has a tendency to tell us things right when we need to hear them. For instance, lately, He has been saying to me "I am in control".

This has so many applications to life I don't even know where to begin. In the end, I think it all comes down to trust. Which translates into faith. Which pretty much is the basis for everything.

And suddenly my head is flooded with even more thoughts, like, if we have faith in God, how much of that is believing that He is, and how much of it has to do with believing in who He is? Because if we believe in Him at all, we MUST believe that He is who He says He is. Which means that we can trust Him. And we trust Him because we know that He is in control.

Does that even make sense?

Anyway, back to the whole issue of God being in control. It really does make life a lot easier if we can just get this idea into our heads and hearts. I say heads AND hearts because it is one thing to know He is in control, it is another to believe it and feel it and live without worrying because we have that knowledge. I am really good at worrying. It is something that I am desperately trying to work on, and actually managed to pull off this weekend with the whole CCAC debacle. I have to say I was quite proud of how un-panicked I managed to stay for the whole weekend without knowing if we were suddenly going to be slapped with that whopping bill.

Well, I think that covers most of what suddenly ran through my head. I'm off to go have my morning coffee now. O showed up a little early today, so hopefully I can get all 3 off for their morning nap at the same time. Fingers crossed...

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Anonymous said...

Marleah... you are SO right on. That's pretty deep thinking... I am coming to realise (which just shows that old men still learn)that all of this understanding and feeling-in-the-heart-thing just means we're coming closer to realising joy, and perhaps even contentment.


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