Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The continuing saga of my yellow rubber gloves...

I have no luck with my rubber gloves.  There's nothing special about them.  They're just yellow rubber gloves that you can buy at the grocery store, and I use them for when I do dishes.  The cold air of winter gives me enough trouble with dry skin, and constantly having my hands in water doing dishes only makes the problem worse.  So I wear gloves.

The problem is that I have gone through at least four pairs of gloves in the last two or three months.  First the issue was with my cat.  Apparently she has a taste for yellow rubber, and I wasn't very good at remembering to put my gloves back under the sink when I was finished doing dishes.  It was partly logical thinking on my part; I would drape them over the sink so that they could drip dry before I put them away.  But of course, in those few minutes or hours while they would lay there drying, the cat would inevitably snatch them up and chew the fingers off of them.

And of course, she always picked the right-hand glove, which is the hand that I use to hold the dishes in the water.

So after losing three pairs of gloves this way, I have learned to always put my gloves in the cupboard under the sink to dry, and I have managed to keep my current pair of gloves safe from my glove-eating feline.

But now, it seems my gloves themselves are betraying me.  Go figure, one of the fingers has sprouted a tiny hole in it, and now every time I do dishes, the glove slowly fills with water, negating the purpose for wearing them in the first place.

And wouldn't you know it, it's the right-hand glove that got the hole.

I blame it on a stray fork or knife piercing my poor defenseless glove, although my finger seems to have escaped unscathed, so I have no idea when or how it actually happened.  All I know is that once again, I have to buy another pair of rubber gloves.

I can't win. 

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