Saturday, August 20, 2011

Letter to the workmen behind my house

Dear Construction Man,

You don't know me.  I don't really know you.  But I feel you working every day.  That's right.  FEEL.  I don't know what machine you're driving.  I am not well-versed in the names of all the different kinds of construction equipment that are out there.  But whatever that beast is that you climb into every single day, it makes my house vibrate All.Day.Long.

And I'm getting a little tired of it.

I know you're working for a noble cause: some day next spring the community center with three pools will open, and we in this household will rejoice that we are in walking distance of this grand new awesomeness.  But for right now, it's getting old.  The constant beeping of reversing vehicles, the dust that lines the tops of my shelves and cupboards, the random cement trucks that keep getting lost and turning around in front of our house, and let's not forget how I can't even get through my morning coffee sitting at my kitchen table without my chair vibrating in an unnatural, low-droning in the background kind of way.

Anyway, you and I both know that neither of us really gets much say in the matter.  You have your job to do, and in the end, I'll get a new community center.  So we find ourselves at a standoff, and I just have to say that I'm extremely thankful to have a child who wakes me up at 6:30AM because if I didn't, I would be rather annoyed to be woken up by you starting work at 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

I hope my neighbours are forgiving.

Well, that's all for now, Mr. Construction Man.  I really hope you finish your job soon or I just might go crazy if I have to put up with this droning and vibrations for much longer.

With significant lack of seriousness, but just a touch of annoyance,
A Rattled and Vibrated to the Edge of Craziness Homeowner

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