Sunday, September 04, 2011

It's Chicken Pox?

So we think Kaylee has chicken pox.  It started with what we thought was a pimple on her forehead, and then she had a spot on her leg, and then two on her arm, and then another one on her arm, and two on her ankle, and one on her stomach.  I started to think maybe it was bug bites, but they didn't look like any bug bites I'd ever seen before, and a thorough search of our house has not revealed anything that might be biting her anyway.

Then I thought, "Maybe it's chicken pox?"  So I called Telehealth, which was less than helpful, but what did I expect by trying to get someone to diagnose spots over the phone?  Apparently the nurse thought that Kaylee should have more symptoms other than just spots, but if it's such a mild case, would the other symptoms really be that obvious?  Anyway...

Then my parents came over, and their immediate reaction is that it is, in fact, chicken pox.  So I think that's what we'll go with at this point.  I may bring her in to see our doctor on Tuesday (go figure it's a long weekend), especially if it gets worse, but we'll see if I bother or not.  Maybe I'll post pictures on Facebook and get some more opinions...

So moral of the story, I'm stuck here at home with her this morning instead of heading to church, which is ironic, because the only place I can figure that she caught it from was at church.  Assuming Reuben also catches it at some point, we could be stuck here at home for quite some time.  Joy. 

Oh, and if there's anyone in the Hamilton area that really wants your kids to catch chicken pox, you are more than welcome to come visit.  I don't know if her case is severe enough to be that catching anymore, but feel free to give it a go.  The door is always open, and I'm told I make good coffee.


Anonymous said...

That sucks! Did they not get vaccinated against it? I know my girls did at their 15 month shots - its called the varicella vaccine. Check your immunization record cards, they either do it at 15 months or 18 months depending on your doctor. I understand its very effective so if she did get the vaccine definately take her in to see what else it might be!!

Jen S.

Marleah said...

No, we didn't do the chicken pox vaccine -- and I'm also behind on her vaccines; I still need to get her in for her 18 month ones yet. She's not miserable about it at least. The frustrating thing is not being completely certain what it is.

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