Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Robot Cake

This is Reuben's robot cake.  He picked it out from this list that has some pretty cool cake designs for kids on it, and they're generally quite easy to make.

I will concur, although it helped that I didn't have to locate frozen pound cake for this particular design.  The most challenging part of this was getting the icing colour right and then having to put said icing on parts of cake that had been cut out.  Maybe there's a trick to it that I haven't learned, but the cake kept crumbling into the icing.

Anyway, as of the time I'm writing this (which is the day before I'm posting it), we haven't eaten this cake yet, but I anticipate that it will be quite yummy.

I'll admit, I'm a little proud of how well it turned out.  And of course, Reuben was pretty excited when he saw it, too.

UPDATE: We ate the cake last night, and as anticipated, it was delicious, albeit confusing to cut pieces out of.

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Justine Teresa said...

that looks amazing!! wish i could have been there to enjoy it.

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