Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yesterday, four years ago

Yesterday, four years ago, I was 41 weeks pregnant.  My midwife came for a home visit and gave me some tips for helping labour along.  Contractions had been starting and then stopping every day for about a week. 

Yesterday, four years ago, Tim and I took our last (really long) walk as a married couple with no children.

Yesterday, four years ago, we had some friends over for supper, and we had tacos with apple pie for dessert.  Then we spent the evening watching TV, and I sat in the rocking chair, counting the contractions that finally didn't quit, and then everyone went home, and we called the midwife and went to the hospital.

And on this morning four years ago, at 1:30 AM, a beautiful baby boy was born, and we called him Reuben.

And today, on his fourth birthday, this boy-child crawled into my bed and snuggled in close, and I held my son, this man-in-training, and treasured the moment of lost sleep, thinking to myself that there won't be many more moments like these, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Happy Birthday, Reuben!

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Sarah said...

Beautiful. Boy, it goes fast.

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