Saturday, June 25, 2011

On smells in my house...

I got to do something yesterday that I haven't done in absolutely ages: sit alone at a Tim Horton's with nothing but my coffee and a book for company.  It was glorious.  I even had a moment of epiphany as something I was reading made me suddenly stop and think.

You want to know what I was thinking about?

How to make my house smell better.

Yep.  That was my deep and profound thought.  The first time in ages that I get to sit and think by myself during daylight hours, and the best thing I can come up with is how to change the odor in my house to something more pleasing than cat pee and garbage.

A few solutions came to mind.  First things first, I need to change the cat's litter box and the soiled newspaper from around it.  I don't know why, and we even recently bought her a larger box, but she still has a horrible habit of missing the box when she pees.  Yeah.  Yuck.  (Don't deny it.  You know you said it, too.)

I should probably also start a habit of taking the garbage out more frequently, as in before it becomes so crammed full I can barely get the bag out of the can without ripping it.  Ditto this for my bowl of compost, although I am slightly better at emptying this on time just because the bowl gets full pretty quickly when you have two kids that frequently don't finish all their food.

There's always the standard air freshener options like deodorizing sprays and scented candles, but who wants to be breathing in all those nasty chemicals I'm sure they're chock full of?

I could try some natural air freshening options, like pot pourri or pots of cinnamon sticks boiling on the stove, and maybe I will do some research on some of that later.

And I'm sure it would also help if I toilet trained Kaylee and eliminated her diapers from the garbage mix.  But go figure, she hates the pull-ups I picked up for her last time I got groceries.

Overall, one thing has become glaringly obvious to me.  I am really just not that perfect housewife whose house is always sparkling clean and smelling of sunshine. 

And frankly, I'm okay with that.  (Although I might still try to do something about those nasty smells...)

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Jen said...

There are no perfect housewives! We all just fake it when company comes over :)

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